Do you like horses or ponies? If you do this is the tackk for you. In this tackk I will teach how to become a successful Pony of the Americas owner. In this tackk I will tell all about height, color, breeding, and showing your POA.


you may think horse/pony height, color, breeding, and showing is simple, but it is really not. There are a lot of rules with horses. Especially with POAs, which stands for Pony of the Americas.


A hand is the unit of measurement used to measure horses, a hand is about four inches. A pony can be anywhere from the ground to fourteen hands tall. If a horse is 14.1 it is no longer a pony. POAs are bred as ponies,some horses are under 14.1 so people call them ponies, even if they're not bred as ponies.


There are a lot of different breeds of horses/ponies and there are even some hat, if you bread them with another bread you'll get a new bread. An appaloosa and a welsh or an Appaloosa and a Shetland together it makes a POA!  An appaloosa and a POA can also make a POA. You could even get another appaloosa if you breed an appaloosa and a POA together.


POAs can look many different ways. POAs continue to change color until they're around 10 years old. POAs usually have spots because of the appaloosa in their blood lines. Because of some genetics POAs don't usually have manes or tails. So, if you're in a horse show a lot of people put fake tails on their POAs.

Showing your POA

If you are over 16 you are no longer supposed to show POAs, since they are bred for children. But if you are older than that you are only supposed to show the pony until its two. If horses are under two you are not supposed to ride them. So, if you show a POA when its two  of younger you have to do either showmanship of lounge line.


By now you probably know a lot about POAs, their height, breeding, color, and showing them. Thanks for listing!


showmanship: A class in a horse show that demonstrates the ground manners of a horse.

lounge line: a technique of horse training

Appaloosa: a breed of spotted horse

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