Throat Cancer

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Possible Causes


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Stages of Throat Cancer

Stage 0: The cancer has just formed in the throat.

Stage 1, 2, 3: The tumor in the throat has enlarged and spread to close by lymph nodes.

Stage 4: Throat cancer has metastasized, or spread, to other organs in the body.


Surgery - The cancer cells or tumor will be removed surgically.

Radiation Therapy - Use a type of light that you can't see with your eyes to go through your skin and "laser" the cancer. It will kill the cells and shrink the tumor.

Chemotherapy - Take medication to stop cancer cells from doing the cell cycle. The cancer cells can't make more cells.

Survival Rates

Stage 1 - %

Stage 2 - %

Stage 3 - %

Stage 4 - %

You have a higher survival rate if your cancer is in remission. Remission means that the cancer has shrunk, stopped growing, or completely disappeared. You are never cured of cancer, but your cancer can be in remission forever.  

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