House of Hades

Rick Riordan
Max "Fise" Fiser #21


Percy and Annabeth trek through the underworld fighting their way to the 'Doors of Death', the only thing able to help them get back to the surface while Jason, Nico, Leo, Frank, Hazel and Piper race to meet them at the other side fighting serpents, drakons, and Gods along the way.

Characters:       Powers:

Percy Jackson          Can Control Water

Jason Grace          Can Control Weather

Leo Valdez          Can Summon Fire

Frank Zhang         Morphs Into Animals

Nico Di Angelo          Summons the Dead
Annabeth Chase          Can Turn Invisible

Hazel Levesque          Can Use The Mist
Piper McLean          Uses Charm-Speak

What I liked about the Book

*This book was really entertaining to me as the reader, and hooked me really fast
*The author used a lot of words I didn't know and I loved trying to figure out what they meant
*The author didn't use much dialogue and used a lot of descriptive words to help me visualize the settings

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