Fresh Words

"Sometimes, you need someone to step in and help you communicate the value of your product or service."

Email marketing let’s your clients know all the great things you offer on a regular basis. Or, you may want to thank them for buying from you because very few businesses do that.

Here’s why you may want to consider it. Newsletters, blasts, announcements, or bulletins sent out on a regular basis build business. And they keep business.

You need three things. You can just skim over this.

1) An Excel spreadsheet with the names and email addresses you are going to send your wonderful message to

2) A writer, because the subject line of your email needs to hit them between the eyes or no one will open it and your text better be on target or you’re wasting everyone’s time

3) A graphic designer with technical expertise because your email blast needs to generate immediate attention after it’s opened and the email service that sends out your email needs to be managed

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