The LEGO set and  Entrepreneurial Education  

I got my first LEGO set when I was 27. Crazy, I know. However I think it was the best time for me to get it. What I have learned about how to approach teaching Entrepreneurship from LEGO is something I could have never comprehended before then.  

The Feeling:

The excitement of opening that fresh sealed plastic and dumping all the pieces in the floor is just as amazing for me now at 31 a it is for my daughter at 5.  Knowing that there lay ahead some pain staking work won't stop you. You want to finish what you started. Same is true for chasing down your first entrepreneurial idea.

The Process:

Pretty straight forward right. Grab the box, open, pull out the number coded bags and match them with the directions. A few pauses to chase down pieces which seem to have slipped under the table and bam you have something.  But what about when you finish the first time? What do you do with the pieces. For most amateur builders we break it down throw it in a box and pull then out to build again. Except the next time there are no directions, there are no number coded bags. It is pure imagination and design. Trial and error. Failure and Success.

The Lesson:

This same idea can be applied to  teaching entrepreneurship. For most people buying the hottest book in the business book section following  it's quick "ten step program" is the proven way to gaining insight. There is also the the idea that grabbing a text book teaching a section and then testing on said section will help you learn about being a Entrepreneur. Both of these are both proven and excellent ways to start learning about Entrepreneurship but like opening a LEGO set for the first time these are only foundations and shouldn't be the only way. What about when you are burn out on the first idea? What about when your tired of doing it by steps and wanna explore. That's when you have start pulling the random pieces out and using your imagination scrap the plan but keep the foundation and make a new plan. The reason you can build great LEGO pieces is because you have an idea of how the pieces go from the set. Your approach to business will work the same way. These methods of education will give you an idea of how they work but are not the end of the line. Doing the work is the only way to know what works and what does not.

So try taking so much of the theoretical out of Entrepreneurship education and flooding it with the practical. It will helps things go from idea to execution. In the same wy my daughter and I are able to build a magical castle for a secret prince who rides elephants out of a hacked Star Wars and Freinds LEGO sets. You can use theoretical knowledge as a sarting point but your ideas will never reach execution  with out the practical application.

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