Christmas in Peru

By Courtney Zagorski

     Christmas in Peru is on December 24 unlike ours which is on December 25th. It is known as “Nocha Buena”, a Spanish word that translates to “Good Night”. Peru has summer during December, there for, Christmas decorations with a snow may seem weird to them because they have summer and we have winter during Christmas. There Christmas is just as enjoyable with Santa surfing on the waves and elves in bikinis. There hot summer Christmas has bright sun, outdoor recreation, ice-cream, t-shirts, and shorts. Just like our normal summer without Santa and the elves.

        Around dinner time  a family get-together called the Christmas for Children is held. they get pavor ready (turkey) and apple sauce in most of the houses.The number one choice for cake is ‘panteon’. A panteon is a cake is cake that is stuffed with fruits in its center. Hot chocolate drinks are also very popular during Christmas even though its summer, just like our Christmas, we enjoy hot chocolate too!

Children go to bed around midnight because this is the time for the adults parties. There are extravagant  parties in most homes, the living, and dining room are used a  dance floor. Unlike most of us here, most of our parents stay up most of the night setting up our presents under the tree. Their dancing to the tune of salsa song, is what they do in most house holds. The party usually goes until 6:00 am the next morning. This means most families don't wake up until late on December 25, but we wake up really early to open my presents. People in Peru are very generous. They invite many people to the parties even if they do not know you all that well. Most people usally dont arrive on time to the parties on time either.



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3 years ago

Good job Courtney. Lots of great details.