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by Marcus bell #caatech #roadsDITL2015

I spent my snow day by getting up late.Then I did my dogs . After that I help my mom with my cousins.Before that I was on my Xbox one. Then I got on my phone.

Later on in the day around 1:00 PM AND 3:00 PM I was talking to my cousins and mom about how I can make money.I also, was talking to my aunt who came over, she was talking about how tall I got. Then  I was talking to my brother. I also, was talking to my mom.

In the morning I ate some Otes meal with a poop tarted and orange juice. For brunch I had a cake. For lunch I had a sand watch with water. I had something else before dinner I had a cheese stack. For dinner I had chicken with greens and photostatted. For a stack  I had  ice cream.