IDEA Continuum of Placements

A.  CLICK the link in the THINGLINK (above) and WATCH the video.

B.  READ:  The Law and Q&A on Least Restrictive Environment

C.  WATCH:  IDEA Basics (Least Restrictive Environment)

D.  REVIEW:  NC Policies Governing Services for Children with Disabilities (pp27-28)

E.  READ:  Who Makes Placement Decisions?

F.  Post your responses to the following questions.  Respond to the posts of at least three of your peers/classmates and react to any responses to your post.

         1.  How does the IEP team decide what a student's needs are?

         2.  What factors should the IEP team consider when deciding placement?

         3.  What challenges might the IEP team face during the process?