The Great lakes - St. Lawerence lowlands

If you want to expand and or build your company now is the time as the great lakes - St. Lawrence region is the place you would need to be to do so.

The great lakes - St. Lawrence lowlands has a humid continental climate making it have a variation in warm summers and cold winters. It is also a fairly flat piece of land due to the continental glaciers that was there thousands of years ago. The glaciers back then crushed and flattened the land that is there today. The climate is also greatly affected by the great lakes as it gets most of the precipitation from the great lakes. The great lakes - St. Lawrence lowlands region is also rich in rocks, mainly sedimentary rocks left behind by the glaciers, these rocks consist of mainly sandstone, dolomite, limestone, and shale. Created millions of years ago by the glaciers. These sedimentary rocks are key in the creation of the minerals within the region such as iron, ore, zinc, copper, coal, as well as silver to name just a few. In the region there is a vast amount of vegetation do to the furtile soil thus allowing many things to be grown.Trees such as walnut, maple, hemlock and oak can be grown in this area. As well as this, tobacco plants, peaches, cherries, grapes, apples, hay and many vegetables, such as carrots and beans are found here too.

Due to the vast vegetation that can be found in this area it would be great idea to set up an agricultural business. This is because of the very futile land that is the great lakes - St. Lawrence lowlands region. This region would provide a great place to plant different vegetation, as it is possible to plant trees here to creat a lumber business in this region. It would much easier though to create a farm as it gains profit much quicker than the slow lumber business. Although the lumber business would be the better option for the future because of the demand for wood on a variety of products such as furniture and frames. This region is also rich in minerals needed in many products and would be in demand. So it would also be a good idea to set up a mining business in the region to mine for these minerals as it is fairly rich in these minerals, and so mining for them would be an instant profit because there are so much of it just to be mined.

Due to climate change the great lakes - St. Lawrence lowlands region will be greatly affected. It will be affected as the climate changes due to global warming it will create more time for the vegetation to be available to be grown. The amount of time the vegetation can grow in a year will be greatly increased due to the increased amount of time the temperature is suitable for the vegetation to grow. So that there will be more profit created when the climate changes more. It does not have a significant effect on the mining business however.

There will many different types of extreme weather in the region such as floods, hurricanes, tsunamis as earthquakes. Although earthquakes in this region don't tend to go any higher than a magnitude 5 earthquake, it also usually occurs closer to the St. Lawrence river. These earthquakes tend to happen when two plates slide past one another, this usually causes a tsunami when it is close to the river.

So come over to the great lakes - St. Lawrence lowlands and start your company here now. It is a great place to set up and grow your company.

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