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In Senegal the man do not go out in public without a shirt. People in Senegal only wear beach wear on the beach. Most Muslim women wear a head covering called a "mussor." Most women in Senegal wear veils. If you see a women with a white scarf and a man with a white headdress. These people are treated with respect. You have to be very respectful around them.


The kind of food we eat in Senegal is mostly French foods. A main dish would be rice, millets, corn with sauce and lots of veggies. Muslims don't eat pork. Another meal would be fish, beans, and sugar milk. A dessert would be fruit or yogurt, sometimes both. A popular lunch is stuffed fish with veggies, rice, and seasonings.


In Senegal Christmas is a natural conclusion of the year. It is usual for Christians to have big dinners on Christmas. The Baalou akh holiday is a day of forgiveness a day when you forgive friends, neighbors and family, on this holiday people go door to door asking forgiveness. In the afternoon the Ndewenel takes place. Children go door to door receiving money.Islamic new year. The Tamkharit holiday is Islamic new year. It is also believed to be the day of destinies.

Language, beliefs and attitudes

In Senegal they speak lots of languages we speak French, Wolof, Fula, Pulaar, Serer, Diola, and Mandinka. 94 percent of the people are Muslim, 5 percent are Christans ( mostly catholic), and 1 percent are animist.

Life style

When a woman is pregant her mother is the first person to know. The weomen usually have the baby at home. Seven days after the arrival of the new baby friends and family celebrate. In Senegal the parents do not choose the babies name. The mother sister holds the baby and the tribe leader names the baby. The boys and girls are at work at a very young age. The children grow up to have the same jobs as their parents.


In Senegal children start school at age six. At age twelve kids go to the second school. Many kids when they get older have more responsibility They think school interfere's with their work so they drop out. About 73 percent of kids go to school and only 56 percent finish. All the teaching is done in french. Children learn to read and write in french, but french is not spoken at home, and most kids don't speak it when they start school. If some of the kids make it to the second school they have to learn English.

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