Marilyn Monroe Conspiracy

By : Silvia Espinoza

The police said that Marilyn Monroe had committed suicide because there was pills on the nightstand beside her bed. She was found dead with barbiturate enema in her system. They say that she would've had to have taken 50-90 pills to reach the level discovered. The amount of drugs in her system was enough to kill 10 people and she would've died long before she reached that amount of pills. After an autopsy a pathologist said that her organs didn't coincide with someone who took a large about of drugs. People also knew that she had trouble taking pills even with water and investigators didnt find evidence of water anywhere in the room. The people that believe it was a suicide also think that because she had previously tried four times. Some people are lead to believe that she was murdered by Robert Kennedy. The reason being becuase she had an affair with him and was on her way to publishing a book about the Kennedy's and he didnt want it to get out. When she was found she had bruises and marks making people believe she was murdered. Also when she died she was in very high spirts becuase she was going to publish her book and she was genuinely happy the time of her death. There is also forensic facts that don't comply to her death in which case make some forensic scientist believe it was a murder or even an accident. Since she died from a barbiturate enema it is lead to believe that her Dr. , Dr. Greenson, accidentally prescribed her with a heavy dose of Chloral Hydrate so she would be able to sleep that night since Dr. Engelberg didnt communicate well with Marilyn's prescription of Nembutal capsules that morning. Since Dr. Greenson had no idea that she had taken Nembutal that morning he wouldn't have prescribed her Chloral Hydrate since it slows down the metabolism of Nembutal. Since no doctor would admit to making a mistake in giving such a high-profile person that medication lead others to believe her death was an accident. After all of the research, pictures, and facts i searched i beleive that she was murdered.

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