Digital Citizenship

So what a Digital Citizenship is something like videos on BrainPop. BrainPop is a place where you can watch all of these new things that yo can learn about. BrainPop can give you a sever amount of really cool videos! If you where in computers than you would have to log into BrainPop or if you want you can click the link down below!

After clicking that link you might want to read more about our Digital Citizenship!

Our next part about "our" Digital Citizenship is about Cyber-Bulling. You never ever want to be one of those people that Cyber-Bully people(that's #1)! Cyber-Bulling is something so powerful that what ever you say to somebody or someone because what you say on the internet will stay on the internet for ever until the world ends! If you are so mad and type out something mean (like this "Nobody like you Joe! The reason why is because you are ugly and fat!") than do that, but if you are one of those people that just don't like getting mad than putting it out there than if i were you I'd go and take a nap or something and than refresh and forget about what that person/friend of yours said to you.

             If I was you, I wouldn't want to be a Bully/Cyber-Bully because it could become very dangerous for you, your life, and you FAMILY! (Watch out of what you say online because remember what you say on the internet to somebody might be funny to you but will hurt that person you are chatting to. BE A FRIEND AND NOT A BULLY/CYBER-BULLY!)

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