Elliott Young LC 3 Sophomore Seminar

Medical Care in Third World Countries

Song: "I Will Remember You" By: Sarah McLachlan


          Many people die everyday. Everywhere in the world. It's a part of life, but unfortunately more die in third world countries more than anywhere else. In one third world country, Sierra Leone, which is on the west side of Africa has a life expectancy of 47. That is caused by people from these third world countries not taking care of their bodies. Most people can't afford to feed their family let alone paying for medical attention. After I go to medical school, (If I would never fail) I would get a team together and go down into these third world countries and help all the people. I would like to help in anyway that I can, but if I could "specialize" in a specific part it would be neonatal care. I would help the people and give them tips and give them all the vaccines they need with out them having to pay anything.

Doctors Without Borders Video:

Picture of baby strapped to her Mother as her mother asks for money in the streets of Indonesia:

Doctor helping a toddler in a third world country:


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