All About Me

Hello, my name is Dalonte Will Davis. Some people call me "Lil Will". I am very excited to be able to share my feelings. I am feeling great. I am very open to other people and I am very active. I have lots of friends and I like them each for their own reasons. Some are good a music, some at sports, some at karate, it varies in many ways.

I love all kinds of sports. Football, soccer, a little golf and tennis, but most of all.... I love basketball! I am a huge basketball player. I play basketball every day and I have two rules. No cheating, and never say no to a challenge.

I am very smart and talented. Believe it or not, I know three languages. I know English, Arabic, and French. Though I am still learning and working on French, I am very good at it and would have the ability to communicate very well with a french person any time. I am most fluent while speaking English, of course. I am very proud of myself and I am proud of anyone who has tried to learn as hard as I did.

Thanks for reading!

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