Manufactured Fibers

Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Rayon, Acetate, Spandex


Polyester is made from cool or petroleum. it is strong and often blended with other fibers. Common uses for polyester is children's wear, shirts, suits.

Polyester Suit Fabric


Nylon is the first fiber to be manufactured totally from chemicals. It is strong and durable, elastic. It is very heat sensitive and clings to the wearer. Common uses for nylon are hosiery, swimwear, windbreakers, etc.

Nylon Windbreaker


Acrylic is soft and warm but bulky, yet lightweight. It is very strong and dries quickly. It is also wrinkle resistant. common uses for acrylic are terrycloth, bathrobes, knitted garments, outdoor furniture fabrics and awnings, etc.

Acrylic Bathrobe


Rayon is soft, absorbent, and comfortable. Rayon stretches when it is weak and wet. It also mildews and wrinkles easily. Common uses for rayon are linings, sports shirts, jackets, etc.

Rayon Jacket


Acetate is very versatile and inexpensive. It wrinkles very easily and needs special care when cleaned. Common uses for acetate are neckties, lingerie, blouses, linings, etc.

Acetate Blouse


Spandex is known for its ability to stretch. It is resistant to lotions, oils, sun, and perspiration. It is easily damaged by chlorine bleach. Common uses for spandex are swimwear, dance wear, exercise wear, etc.

Spandex Dance Wear

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