Santonio Williams

Al Jolson Born May 26,1886 and died October 23,1950. He was married to Erie Galbraith His hometown Secendzius, Hithuanaia. Family members son al jolson jr , daughter alicia jolson , son asa jolson jr. Famous quote after i die , ill be forgotten. Al jolson was a american singer , film actor and comedian. Political View republican, he went to Beverly hills highschool.

Moshe Yoelson wanted to get his family away from the ongoing threat of Tsarist oppression. Soon after Moshe's studies brought him the title of rabbi in 1890, he traveled to America, promising to send for his wife and children at the earliest opportunity. The emotionally strong but physically ailing Naomi held the family together, becoming the center of young Asa's world. When Moshe became head of a Washington D.C. congregation in 1894, Naomi and the children made the long journey to join him there. Any hopes the Yoelson's had of resuming a normal family life were dashed when Naomi's died in 1895. Eight year old Asa was in the next room, his world shattered.

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