CFL Beginner Week 3

September 14, 2014

This Week

We reviewed the numbers, basic meet and greet (hello, good bye, thank you), the basic family relations, the "bai lang tao tao" song, and started to learn how to tell time.  We practiced telling time by playing "Old Wolf, Old Wolf, What Time Is It?" game.

We introduced briefly some Chinese Phonetics - Pinyin. The three oldest students were introduced to some characters.  This week, we are at a exploratory level for both the Pinyin and Characters.  I will provide the review material for both, but it's up to you how much time you want your children to spend working on them.

Home Work

Please help your child review and memorize the "Fishing Song" - Bai Lang Tao Tao.  The video link is provided below.  Children should be able to sing 75%+ by next week.

Intro to Pinyin and Characters

Again, at this time, reviewing the Pinyin and reading the characters are optional practices. We are moving into them slowly.  


Many thanks to Mrs. Covington for the delicious muffins and juice.  Also kudos for helping out with the class this Sunday.

Next Week

1. Please bring a pencil or a pen with your child.  We will be doing some writing in class.

2. Please make sure that students can memorize 75% or more of the "Fishing Song"

3.  The duty parent next week is Mrs. Witham.

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Sunday.  Zai Jian!!!  再見!!!

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