The Good.

It has a meaning to it.  "just do it" for me means go for it no matter the situation it can be a some what inspirational to others too.

the stores name is "Target" you'll find most of what you need in this store well compared to most at least. many of the the stuff that is sold here is cheaper than most stuff any where else. with the logo as the way it is its pretty much saying just to shop here getting peoples attention.  

not only for the fact that it has a huge domino as the front logo and the words clearly written in the description but it goes with what its saying the pepperoni's  for example take the role of being the circles of the black dots on the domino and the pizza bread can be the white block.

for this logo it came from a mermaid that was both mystical and unique just like their coffee. Back when it had stated and when the saw exactly what they were looking for something different in their views.

with the word "Dove" written clearly and visibly and the dove floating right above the words. it gets your attention that the bird is clearly what they were trying to go for. the bird is white and smooth and that's what the makers of "Dove" were trying to go for. after using their product it leaves your skin unbearably smooth and soft after so many usages.  

The Bad.

t. the lettering are not readable to many especially the elderly. there are too many colors that probably dont even go with what they are trying to get out there to the people. the outling looks like a fish and the words are too close together to get a clear view.

these black and red swirls or lines just interlace with one another. leaving a white center piece in the middle. the idea behind this is indescribable to many people if they were to glance at it. i would think that letters or words would help get the message rather than these lines.

unsure on what exactly they were meaning by "itv"?  the design for this is not clear the logo from my understanding doesn't quite make sense to mean.

burger king, a favorite place to eat for many. the words "Burger King" is visible to see of course, but what is the whole point of the buns around the name? and the circle that goes around it has no meaning to it what so ever. with just the lettering and the buns on the outer like a regular burger, why not have a king of all burgers as the logo. with the slogan "have it your way" why?

not really sure what the meaning of this is but seems out of ordinary from anything else