Chantz Palmer

Computer Hardware Engineer


  • They research, design, develop,and test computer systems and components such as processors,circuit boards, and memory devices.
  • They fix as well as make computers an example : Bill Gates.
  • We are in the middle of a technological revolution so we don’t need more actors, dancers, or singers. What we need is more Thinkers.

Required skills

  • Bachelors Degree
  • Hands on experience
  • Continuous education due to constant technological evolution
  • Interest in math, science, and physics
  • Team work
  • Problem solving skills
  • Extremely detail oriented

Education Requirements

  • Bachelors degree for entry, Masters for advancement, and a Doctors for research positions.
  • It will Take approximately 8.2 years before i can make my own company.
  • The University of Texas and it’s facts: 40% acceptance rate, 27,000 in state tuition, and has a master’s program.

Salary expectations

  • An average of 107,000 at least 65,000, both will increase over time due to global demand
  • Unknown depends if i create a successful company
  • Years of experience also determines you total amount you make.

Future outlook

  • You have to have a bachelors before you can start working so moderately high not too high though.
  • There are roughly 79,000 people who are computer hardware engineers
  • This is a career that you stick with because the longer you stay with it the more knowledge you gain as well as more money.


  • You have many benefits such as advanced education
  • Global demand causes salary increase over time
  • Thinking outside the box creativity that will benefit later in general life
  • A high level of prestige among peers and others in the engineering field
  • Possible advancement into other fields if at high enough level

Similar careers to Your chosen careers

One career that is often confused with hardware is software, they have their similarities as well their differences so you can employ in both. with the proper education of course.

Why i picked this career

  • I love technology very much but it has caused me many problems before. I want to fix the problems other people have with theirs by making a new generation that is the apex of human technology in my lifetime.
  • I can do anything i want to do because i don’t hinder myself by having the word “impossible” in my vocabulary. I have problem solving skills as well adapting to the situation at hand. You only have a limit to what you can do when you believe you have a limit in the first place.


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