Ahmed Said Forbes & Manhattan

Leading the Oil and Gas Group at Forbes & Manhattan

About Ahmed Said Forbes & Manhattan

As president of the oil and gas group at Forbes & Manhattan Inc., Mr. Ahmed S Said focuses on mergers and acquisitions of natural resource assets. In the last five years, Mr. Ahmed S Said has overseen the financing of more than $300 million of debt and equity transactions for the procurement of assets in sectors including mining, oil and gas, and renewable energy. For Forbes & Manhattan, Mr. Said is responsible for developing strategies for entry into new countries and leading high-level contract negotiations with governments throughout Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Trained as an engineer, Mr. Ahmed Said possesses expertise in the technical issues that impact mineral and energy assets. Mr. Said is deeply involved in the evaluation of assets under consideration for Forbes & Manhattan Inc. and devises and implements strategies for the acquisition and management of these assets. Mr. Ahmed S Said oversees the resulting operations and leads the field development and management plans. Mr. Said studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary in Alberta, receiving his Bachelor of Science in 2003. He also has completed a number of graduate-level courses related to the oil and gas industry.                            

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