The Case of the Missing Diamond

by: Kyla D. & Alexa M.

The Crime

A diamond has been stolen from Jason's Jewelry store at 1:03 a.m. this morning, the precious and beautiful diamond that was on show was stolen. The cops arrived just too late. They investigated the scene and they found a small, padded, purple glove. This makes it even harder for the detectives because all of the suspects where either up at or around the time the diamond was stolen. Most of them had gloves and most of them needed padding. It was hard for the detectives that the criminal had on gloves which made it hard because there were no fingerprints to go by no shoe prints for shoe size.

The Puzzling Question

Who could be so sneaky and quick to avoid the cops and get away the diamond? They had to have planned for a while. Had to have a lot of time out of life to think of this sneaky deed.

Meet the Detectives

Alexa - blonde hair, green eyes, and likes to ask questions.

Kyla - funny, not so serious, but can scare someone if she wants to.

We got up early to go shopping on Black Friday when we were going to Fashion Plus and passed Jason's Jewelry store. We saw all the ropes blocked everyone off. We fought through the crowd and offered to help. That's when the mystery began.

suspect 1 - Susanne Hall

Old kind lady, librarian. Her heat in the library is broken so cold air is always coming in. Never has barely any costumers. Very lonely, no husband or any kids.

Motive- has a low paying job and wants more money.

Alibi- she was in bed and she woke up at 8:07 a.m. "You can check my Attleboro clock in my room!It's as loud as a bird in the morning."

suspect 2 - Casey Smith

Scientist, loves to study artic animals, smart, greedy. Has to hold back many polar bears. Also studies penguins. She is rich but spends a lot of money on her studies.

Motive- wants more money or keep the jewel.

Alibi- "I was up studying the pengimochi penguins! Did you know that they are known for their fur?! It is as short and fuzzy as a baby chicken."

suspect 3 - Max Scherzer

Max claims he played for the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Detroit Tigers, Baseball player. He has wife and one 17 year old teenager. Lots of friends.

Motive- to get more money.

Alibi- he was up with his friend at 1:00 a.m. watching old tapes with his friends. "I'm as popular as the 16th president!"

suspect 4 - Jillian Willard

Single mother, 3 kids(8 year old, 3 year old, and 5 month old) loves sushi. Very lonely and sad. Is looking for happiness.

Motive- to get money to support her kids.

Alibi- "I was putting my 5 month old to sleep at 1:08 because she was crying. I put her in her brand new Oeuf Sparrow and I was sleepier than a cat's kitten!

Mystery Solution

Caught you red pawed!

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