The feeling when........

Wacckkkk ..!!!!!!

I feel delighted, I'm positive about this game “ I’m Ready ”.!! I said Take my first shot. I hit it the crowd gasp. I taste fear I'm nervous What did I do ?. I looked up at the sky looked back down I hit the ball to the opponent’s face .I ran over and said SORRY thousands of times Ran back tripped over the net I face planted on the ground ,I lost one tooth and i,ve got blood all over my face .I Hear the whistle blow ready to start a new game facing a new opponent.She points her butt out which is a disgrace. And then kinda wags her butt. She is showing off its Ah excuse me this isn't a dance club. The crowd don't look so happy the way she’s behaving

She throws the ball up and she swings the bat.WACK…!! the ball goes, here it comes , I lift my bat up I hit it back. “Uugghh”.,!! I yell in my head . The court look’s like a grassy green with white lines surrounding us , Its eye catching .When I looked up at the crowd they were looking at the scoreboard.Her first cleacted on the racket as she holds so tight.She wants to be anxious so she hit the ball so hard that she wishes that is her red target.I’m now confident that I,ve had two games.I bent down swaying side to side, My legs are wobbling , I'm shaking nervously .

I feel my head spinning inside.I looked around before I hit the ball everyone was giving me the eyeballs.I scrunched up my face,tensing my muscles.I feel powerful from now on wards.I swallow my saliva with revenge. My eyes are wide open like fishes under water.I stare at my opponent she gives me the evils.The ball comes towards me , the ball feels hard and squashy at the same time.I hit the ball to her face.Her nose went up like a pignose. She also lost one tooth with blood dripping down her aggressive face like little drips of water going drip drip drip .

By Awhina :) x

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