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Missouri Compromise (36*30'North Parallel)

"Parallel 36°30′ North." Wikipedia. N.p., n.d. Web.

In 1819, the United States was set on an inevitable course for civil war. The Tallmadge Amendment of 1819 was purposed to admit Missouri into the Union as a slave state. This caused massive tensions between the north and south, something that would flare up and cool down with compromises such as the Missouri compromise which set the 36 30' as the line above which all states would be free states and admitted Maine into the Union as a free state to maintain the balance between free and slave states; the line was drawn in order to limit the South's power in the future and manufactory is north of 36 30' parallel according to the picture. It didn't work very well and it led to the compromise of 1850. Tensions would arise again with the question of how to admit Texas and California, which was resolve with California entry as free and Texas as a slave state and gave up territory. In addition the fugitive slave Act was passed .Historians David Potter and William freezing both call the compromise of 1850 "armistice" because there was no true central point of agreement. The compromise of 1850 was just a temporary cure not a long term solution (Alfonso, Barry. "Compromise of 1850." Mile Stone Documents. N.p., n.d. W). The US had been kicking the problem of slavery for decades and no compromise could solve the problem, it only pushed the date of the civil war back until finally after +40 years, the civil war began at Ft.Sumpter South Carolina.     

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