'I Statements' by Randell Stephens

tire of reading your bad grammar
I’ve read too many times in text
persons referring to themselves
with a lower case "i"

should not put themselves
in the lower case
there are millions of mediocre men
to do that for you.

when you write I
use a capital I
your life, is a capital enterprise
you should always be a capital I
and be an eye-full

don't sell yourself short
with bad grammar,
in this life, if nothing else
you deserve…


You have to be that I
that needs a capital!

you’re the big letter
you need a shift key
you need a CAPS LOCK
You might even need to be printed in bold!

you need
to take that much effort
over yourself

‘I’ being a word for ‘You’
belongs in the uppercase
So don’t talk yourself

and when you talk
I want to hear you speak that way too
speak of yourself,
as if you are talking
in capitals, because