Gym Candy
Alex Pherson

March 24, 2015
Aha Moment

After reading the first 13 pages of this book I realized it is a very sporty book. The main character ,Mick, starts off the book by playing football with his dad in the backyard. He turns into a very good football player and wants to be like his dad. This is the kind of book in really like to read. He has big shoes to fill. His father made it to the NFL. The whole family is supportive of his football career. All except his mother that is totally against it.

March 25, 2015
Memory moment

In the begining of this book Mick and his father are playing football in the backyard and Mick states that his father is so hard on him that he would tear up. His dad would say football players don't cry. His father really is hard on him. Micks first touchdown happened when he was just four years old. But because of this it makes Mick to football player he is today. He is really good and hopefully will be as good as his dad. He was big shoes to fill lets see if he can get it done. He has to get all the metals and newspaper articles on the wall just like his dad

March 26, 2015
Again and again

During this story Mick ,the main character, goes in his basement and looks at news articles and trophies that his father has won and achieved throughout his football career. Mick does this a lot during the story. I feel as though Mick thinks he has to be just as good as his father and if not, better. His father puts pressure on Mick saying he left room on the other walls for him to fill up. I can tell Mick thinks about this all the time by the amount of time he spends in the basement reading. These actions that are preformed from Mick helped me understand the pressure he fills through his family and the sport football.

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