Alice in Wonderland 2.0

Alice in Wonderland 2.0, inspired by Lewis Carroll's story and imaginative world itself, is a small realm characterized by a similar mystical spirit. Nestled in between mountains and filled with different-sized mushroooms, it has a variety of sounds to fill in the silence.

Making this project, I learned that ideas can take you to places you never intended to go at first. Initially, I started with the cardboard room, but then John suggested to add a mountain to make the setting more complete. I also learned that a complex project requires planning in different stages, so as to make it easier to tackle on and complete.

Process: First, I designed the mushrooms in TinkerCad and then 3-D printed them out. Then I made the cardboard room and hot-glued the mushrooms in it. I also painted the cardboard. I downloaded sound files from and put them in a keyboard in Soundplant 42. I used Makey Makey to connect wires from computer keys to different parts of my cardboard room (circuit). Finally, the mountain scenery was made from newspaper and plaster, and then it was painted.