The life and experiences
Charles Bellum Orville

By: Charles Bellum Orville

soldier selfie

Howdy, My names's Charles Bellum Orville. I live in Virginia an I am a moderate land owner who does not own any slaves but pays and hires people. I will serve the Union 'cause my kin are all settled up north, and I cannot fight my family. If you ask mr what my rank is, I am a common soldier but my brother is a private. I need to return homw 'cause I got a wife and two beautiful children and I love ‘em critturs with all my heart n soul.

Chris: Aww, my bread basket

Max: Well we’re just jailbirds at this union camp

Chris: Hey looky here, some o’ those fresh fish are getting the hard case

Max Well let me get the pepperboxes and the hornets

Chris: ya, and have the buggers whip your booty

Max: Well, I been through the mill, and never in in my life have i been captured.

Chris: This yo first battle now just get snug as a bug and lay down.

Max: now I’m gonna grab some root and some tar water

Chris: sorry gotta get rid of my chronic quick step... man I hate my life as a glove boy.

Max: sorry i’m wallpapered

Chris: I’m gonna get tight too possum

Max: Ya bluff, no matter how hard you squeeze you ain’t gettin as tight as me

Chris: Another call for my chronic quickstep

Max: Oh

Chris: it ain’t comin out

Max: use your arkansas toothpick

Chris: well i’m all played out

Dear sally,

Life is miserable. Camp ain't neat, all we do is drill, and their are lots of punishments. We have to wake up real early, and we have to drill to be better soldiers but this ain't helping us.

All my love to you



All I could see was the grey color of the confederate hats marching towards us.

Jeermiah will try to help the slaves they meet


As soon as I wake up, I see the snow falling and rush out to get some on my tongue.

The generals were very cruel and mean. They especially treated the privates bad. The would do punishments that I would consider cruel and unusual. Such as making someone march with a log instead of a  rifle. Combined with the misery of camp, life was terrible.

Interview with boy named Jeremiah:Names: Rishi Narayanan, Christopher Varghese, Emma Sullivan, Thomas Huang
Interview question 1 Jeremiah, when you chose to stay and care for your mother, what caused you to make that choice?JEREMIAH: "I thought the war would be a small conflict and and that it would end before I could get into any of the action. Besides, I valued my mother’s health. Who wouldn’t?
Interview question 2 INTERVIEWER: Jeremiah, looking back, what is something in your life that you are proud or happy about? JEREMIAH:“I am proud of my decision of helping runaway slaves escape.”
Interview question 3 INTERVIEWER: Jeremiah, what is one thing about your life you wish had been different?JEREMIAH: “I wish that my mother had not gotten sick. I also wish I could have stayed together with my brother and fought alongside him.”

Interview question 4INTERVIEWER: How did you and the Union troops, some of whom are African-American, react to slaves they meet? How do the hungry troops treat Southern farms? Willyou ever know what happened to his brother?JEREMIAH: I would let the slaves I meet on the way get by. I would convince (or try to convince) my commanding officers to let them either go free or join the army. We would take food from the Southern farms, but give them fair price. I probably will never know what happened to my brother…

watch out here we come tremble in the shadow of the blue you left and now its time to bring you back Union Blue True Blue we’ll do whatever it takes to beat you no matter where you go no matter where you’ll be were gonna come and find you it just the way it has to be Union Blue True Blue We’ll do whatever it takes to beat you

This is very sad that this event could actually happen to real people. The magnimoty of this event is unnerving and causes me to think about how lucky I am.


This shows me reading a book to pass the time and so that I do not bore myself to death before the battle.

Dear Sally,

I think this war will end soon. I promise to make it home in time for the birth of our son. I want to name hime Henry. If I don't make it, raise him in the way of christianity.

I my love to you Sally



This is me fighting off the confederates in battle, and him either suprised by my fist or the fact I survived long enough for the battle


Your message...

It was a long and tolling war, and it is happy and joyous to return home victorious.

I was so happy to come home, and to meet my 2 year old Henry, as well as all of my children. Caleb and William died and I spent many a days cryin in the old chapel. But it was good to be back.

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