Aidan Ricks

Day 1

Today I built a Lego recreation of my apartment.I made this because I  don't know many buildings and this was one of the only ones I knew how to make. I made this out of different color lego because I didn't have enough of one color to make it look like my apartment. The most challenging part was finding the right sized pieces. My favorite part was when I got to destroy it because that was really fun.

Day 2

Today I learned how to use Tinkercad. I made a key chain with my name on it. I then remixed a pawn chess piece by adding a dragon head on it. My favorite part was remixing the chess piece because I got to customize it to how I like it. It was challenging to make the dragon head big enough to see the detail, but still small enough that it fits on the piece so there won't be a lot of support material.

Day 3

Today I built Fort McHenry in Tinkercad. I worked with Ella on this building. I built the base and Ella built the buildings. The most challenging part of building Fort McHenry was making a pentagon shape because Tinkercad didn't have that as a shape so I had to use a star and some triangles. My favorite part was when we got compliments from all the directors.

Day 4

Today I continued to work on Fort McHenry with Ella. I started to build the entrance to Fort McHenry. Ella finished her building as well. I then built

Day 6

Today I teamed up with Micah and we made each others project out of clay. I made Excalibur, Arthur's shield, and a spell book, all from the show Merlin. I then looked at different 3D designs for human bodies with joints to see how I can bring my drawings to life. Izzo then taught us about the structure of a body and I found that really helpful for my independent project.

Day 7

Today we worked on our projects all day. I finished making the head, torso, and shoulders. I built most of it form scratch but I got most of the torso from Thingiverse. It was fun to make the head and the ball and socket joints for the neck and shoulders.

Day 8

Today I continued working on my project. I printed what I finished last time.There was some trouble while printing the torso. The ball and socket joint on the neck didn't connect to the body, and I forgot to put holes for the ball and socket joints on the bottom of the body. The shoulders didn't print because they were standing up, next time I will lie them down. I loved watching the parts print because it looked really cool. The head was the only thing that successfully printed. I then finished designing the rest of the body.

Day 9

Today I made a giant coin in tribute to Izzo. The coin said "Izzo is Cool" on one side, and a dragon on the other. I then made a superhero named Gary. Gary had dragon wings, a top hat, and could breathe fire. His logo was a dragon. I then printed all the pieces of my final project. I still had extra time so I made a coin for me. One side had a dragon, and the other had a stick figure.

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hello aidan i am a stalker

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Hi Bob I know it is you.

3 years ago

It would be cool to have a real shirt with a 3-D dragon on it just like Gary!