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About Airmatic Inc

Headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, Airmatic Inc. serves the industrial, utility, construction, federal, and commercial sectors, providing machinery and equipment for a variety of operations. In business since 1944, Airmatic Inc. offers its products through three distinct business units and strives to help clients cut costs, increase productivity, and maintain a healthy work environment.

Serving firms responsible for the safe and efficient storage, transport, and processing of powder and bulk solid materials, the Airmatic Materials Management Group offers such products as automatic lubrication systems, flow aid devices, and dust containment systems. The group’s numerous products and systems allow clients to effectively manage a variety of materials, including chemicals, metals, grains, and cement.

Airmatic Inc.’s Tool Group supplies a wide range of products and accessories for clients in maintenance departments, manufacturing plants, and fabrication shops. Its’ offerings encompass electrical products, janitorial supplies, power tools, hand tools, and a number of other instruments.

Additionally, Airmatic Inc. facilitates the installation and repair of components that are integral to powder and bulk solid processing via its Service Group. Working with clients throughout New England and the Middle Atlantic region, the Airmatic Service Group provides contracting services in such areas as bin cleaning and belt conveyor monitoring.

Silo Inventory Management System Gets Automated

Since its establishment in 1944, Airmatic Inc. has been providing mining and manufacturing companies with bulk material handling products and services. One of Airmatic Inc.’s customers, a leading international supplier of catalysts, specialty construction materials, and engineered packaging materials in the Middle Atlantic states, requested assistance in finding a solution to its for silo inventory management problems.

The investigation focused on finding an accurate and safe level detection system within hoppers and silos. Before a solution was developed, the client used an unsophisticated drop-line method that was both dangerous and yielded inaccurate readings for their silos.

A worker was tasked with climbing an external stairway and traversing through narrow catwalks – even in inclement weather – to check the level of the materials within the silo. After surveying the situation, the BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II was installed to solve the problem of the dangerous measuring procedure.

The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II is an inventory management system that provides accurate and reliable measurements for industries that need to monitor storage facilities of bulk solids. The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II can be installed in a single silo, bin, or tank and even in an entire collection of storage containers.

The sensor is placed on top of the vessel, where it will automatically drop a weighted cable that takes a precise measurement of the contents. The readings are sent to a console, removing the need for any worker to climb up the silo or bin. The BINMASTER® SMARTBOB II can accommodate and survey up to 128 silos, up to 180 feet high.

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Two Challenges Faced by Female Entrepreneurs

Formed in 1944 with the goal of providing the highest-quality services and industrial equipment to companies in the construction, utility, commercial, and governmental sectors, Airmatic Inc. has developed a stellar reputation among its clients. A woman-owned company, Airmatic Inc. is based in Malvern, Pennsylvania, but caters to clients across the United States.

Female entrepreneurs face a range of challenges due to their gender. A few challenges they face include:

1. Finding investment. A 2014 study by Babson College discovered that only 3 percent of companies that had received venture capital funding were helmed by women. According to Bonnie Crate, the CEO of Full Circle Insights, this is because venture capitalists tend to lean more toward investing in people of their own “tribe.” As such, female entrepreneurs should target venture capital firms that have female partners, as these are more likely to invest in their projects.

2. Receiving mentorship. According to Ruta Aidis, who is the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute’ vice president of research and gender, there is a severe lack of role models for budding female entrepreneurs, particularly in the tech sector. She notes that male entrepreneurs, in general, receive far more press coverage and exposure than their female counterparts. This is an issue currently being confronted by a number of organizations, including a partnership between the US Department of State and Fortune, one of the world’s largest business magazines. Fortune’s Global Women’s Mentoring Partnership connects female entrepreneurs with some of the most powerful female leaders in the United States.

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The Material Flow Benefits of Installing a COUGAR DC Truck Vibrator

A Malvern, PA firm, Airmatic Inc., helps companies achieve maximum efficiency with quality industry products and services. Airmatic Inc. carries industry-leading products that meet the frequently changing needs of today’s industrial professionals.

One such product is the Cougar DC Truck Vibrator. When trucks carry wet, frozen, or sticky bulk materials, unloading them can consume a great deal of unnecessary time and manpower. When workers are left using shovels or other methods to clear stubborn loads, companies can lose a lot of money. Other options for clearing uncooperative loads, such as quickly starting and stopping the vehicle, can put strain on truck clutches and transmission and adds potential danger for workers.

The Cougar DC Truck Vibrator is designed to create high frequency vibrations to clear loads without excess work. The product delivers up to 3,200 pounds of centrifugal force to get materials out of any truck. Each vibrator is lightweight and can be powered used hydraulics, compressed air, or 12/24 VDC. Because the product comes in different sizes and frequencies, there is a solution for every need.

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Air Cannon Troubleshooting and Repair Boosts Paper Mill Efficiency

A Malvern, PA, company, Airmatic Inc. serves the equipment needs of diverse clients in the nationwide bulk solids handling industry, including grain handling. Airmatic Inc.’s offerings encompass aerators and air cannon systems used on silos and hoppers. Airmatic also distributes WORKMASTER railcar vibrators and hopper car gate openers.

One installation and repair project featured on the Airmatic Inc website involved a New England paper mill that employed air cannons to ensure optimal woodchip flow as part of the process of making paper. This is particularly critical in winter, when the chips, heavy with moisture, tend to freeze and get stuck.

Unfortunately, new cost-efficient air cannons turned out be leaking compressed air, with an Airmatic technician discovering that they had been mounted incorrectly. The upward air blast resulted in an accumulation of dust and air chips that ultimately caused mechanical damage.

The solution involved cleaning the problematic cannons through a complete disassembly process and removal of contaminants from exhaust valves and air reservoirs. The end result was that the rebuilt and remounted air cannons were successfully able to perform at optimal efficiency.

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The American Foundry Society’s Casting Connection

Operating from Malvern, PA, Airmatic Inc is an industrial equipment supply company. Founded in 1944, Airmatic Inc is a member of the American Foundry Society (AFS), a nonprofit trade organization that serves the metal casting supply network with educational materials and advocacy.

To engender communication throughout the metal casting sector, the AFS created Casting Connection, a social network for AFS members and individuals involved in the casting sector. Casting Connection offers open forums in which users can start conversations, discuss pertinent industry issues, and develop a comprehensive knowledge base from which others in the industry can draw.

Further, the AFS has created several special interest groups within the social network, called Casting Connection Communities, that focus on specific issues within the topic of metal casting. Casting Connection also provides a full members directory and offers information about upcoming events throughout the United States.

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