The Worst Things People do on Airplanes

Consider avoiding everything listed below, as a considerate gesture to your fellow travelers this holiday season.

Talking over other passengers:  When you're that awkward middle passenger stuck between a couple who wanted the aisle seat and window seat...

Forcing a flirtatious conversation: If you are romantically interested in your seat mate, heed signs they are not interested in you. Even if they do appear interested in conversing, wait until the end of the flight to ask them for their number or suggest a date. A "no" as you de-plane is pretty awkward. But a "no" with four hours left seated next to each other? Unbearable.

Not Okay.

Trying to take another passenger's seat: Passengers that have a problem with their seat assignment should bring it up with airline crew. Better yet, pay for an upgrade and relish your legroom.

What is absolutely not okay: sitting in a seat you want, and then acting like maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you stayed in it when the ticket holder gets on the plane. It's not your seat. Stop trying to make that seat happen.

Hogging the armrest: Rule of thumb? The middle seat is entitled to the armrests if they so desire.

Hogging the floorspace: The space in front of your seat is for you and your feet. The floor in front of other seats are for other people's feet.

Not using headphones. No one wants to hear your music or movie playing.

Moving someone else's bag out of the overhead bin.

Bringing smelly food on the plane. Are you the kind of person who enjoys attention so much you don't mind when it's full of hatred? Bring some smelly food on a plane.

Not doing anything about your screaming child. Kids are the most honest passengers when it comes to their feelings about modern air travel. Unfortunately, that honesty is often expressed through screaming.

Not having patience with a parent who is more miserable than you. Do you think that parent likes to listen to their kid freak out? Because they don't. They'd probably love any alternative to a cross-country flight with a toddler. Alas, there really isn't one. So don't hate on parents who are just doing the best any of us could in the same situation.

What's your biggest pet peeve on airplanes?