un techo para mi pais...

Is a not governmantal organization led by voluntary young persons, with presence in 19 countries of Latin America. the institution works close to families that live in urban-marginal accessions, in order that across an afftort as a whole they could improve his quaclity of life.

We want to generate social conscidencie and spirit of solidarity across the volunteer work, integranting to different sectors of the company in te task of overcoming of the extreme poverty, by means of the implementation of 3 stages of the project:Construction of emergency housings, Social Fitting out and Sustainable Community.

Hat suffered catastrophes as earthquakes. It was the case of Peru, Haiti and Chile, I happen from the tropical storm Aghata in Guatemala. This way, it was one of the first istitutioms that reaceted to help to Haiti after the earthquake and then to receive of the BID funds to contruct 10.000 housing in this country. On having ended the year 2010, 826 housings had constructed in this country, to obtain financing they do it across donations so much of persons as companies including campaing.

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