A&J Mechanical Services

When you are operating a business in Kentucky in the middle of winter, the last thing you want to happen is for your furnace or boiler to fail. When this happens, the temperature in your building drops and your employees and customers are freezing. You have no hot water and are forced to shut down for an unknown length of time.

If something does go wrong with the boiler at your business or you need a commercial boiler installation, you want fast, reliable and affordable service for your commercial boiler repair or installation of your new unit.

For over 5 years, we at A&J Mechanical Services have provided boiler services to hundreds of satisfied Kentucky area businesses. We specialize in all types of commercial boiler services for businesses throughout Lexington, KY and the surrounding suburbs. We offer boiler installation, boiler repair, boiler maintenance, boiler cleaning, boiler inspection, and many more. We also offer emergency heating, boiler and furnace repair service to the Lexington area. Whatever service you need done with your boiler or other heating systems, our technicians are trained and qualified to perform it.

Our owner is Rick Howard, and he makes the satisfaction of each and every customer his number one priority. Rick hand selects every technician that works with us and only picks the best, most qualified and friendliest. Our technicians have decades of experience with commercial boiler installation, maintenance and repairs and they are fully licensed and qualified to work on the unit at your business. Unlike some other companies in the area, we never send our jobs out to 3rd party contractors that may not be fully qualified, when you use our services, only one of our own technicians will be sent to work on your job.

With our reliable, high quality boiler repair, maintenance and installation services, your boilers will operate more safely and efficiently. The increased efficiency will save your company's bottom line by lowering energy costs, and the increased safety of the equipment will mean fewer breakdowns and a more comfortable and productive work environment.