Edward Guerin

Edward Guerin Motivates Lacrosse Players To Play The Game With Full Spirit

Edward Guerin is an ardent lacrosse player and has won many accolades for his outstanding performance and contribution to this sport. He has played for many reputed teams and was the MVP of a team when he was a 4 year prep starter. Presently, Edward is working with Lenoir Rhyne University as an assistant men’s lacrosse coach. He wants to coach players for years to come and believes that coaching has the tendency to influence the lives of youngsters. He considers it a role of true meaning and significance, which is basically about making relationships with individuals.

As an assistant coach at Lenoir Rhyne University, he handles multiple responsibilities, which are not only limited to planning and organizing practices, but also include valuation and recruitment of eligible student athletes, monitoring academic progress, and many more. He is also responsible for the team as well as individual player skills development, scheduling games, and budget management programs.

Edward Guerin works closely with strength, academic advising, conditioning, and sports medicine departments. He also develops and improves skills to assist in evaluation, coordination, and planning of fundraising activities, to promote good sportsmanship, along with managing and directing team practices. He has assisted Lenoir Rhyne University to gain its first place vote in the SAC and the 14th rank in national tournaments. He has also coached many elite athletes and players who have played at national and international levels.

Edward is the lead motivator of the team, and guides every training session by developing and following a well organized plan. He communicates overall team policies and strategies to the players, and also encourages them to excel in their academic performance as well. He has successfully trained 4 pre season SAC all conference athletes. Edward Guerin also develops strategies and techniques that can help players to score 4 goals per game average in Division II and 1 in shots on goal percentage in every game during the same division.

Before joining as Men’s assistant lacrosse coach at Lenoir Rhyne University, Edward has also worked with Palm Beach Storm, H3 and Xcelerate Lacrosse Camps.