Earth's Structure

Jordan Gill
Per. 4


3-6 miles thick

200-400 degrees Celsius

Made of mostly igneous rock.


18oo miles thick

500- 4000 degrees Celsius

Made of mostly solid rock.

Outer Core

1400 miles thick

4440-5700 degrees Celsius

Made of super-heated liquid molten lava.

Inner Core

800 miles thick

6000 degrees Celsius

Made of almost entirely metal.

Convection Currents

Convection currents are movements of fluids driven by heat. They let hot fluids rise and cold fluids sink. These currents allow Earth to heat from the inside outward. They occur in the mantle.


The first theory about Earth's structure arose in 1692. Scientists were able to see a clear distinction between the different parts of the Earth’s interior.

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