Tools Of The Trade

                                           By:Robert Maldonado

Over the past week I've learned several "Tools of the Trade" in Information Technology. Below you will find information on the tools I have Learned.

  • Edmodo
  • Remind
  • Tackk
  • "The IB Design Cycle"
  • Edmodo

    Edmodo is a free learning management system. It allows me to receive assignments and information from my teacher. It also allows me to collaborate with fellow classmates. The ability to put files in a backpack and take it with me gives me flexibility to work anywhere with computer and Internet access


    Remind is a tool that allows me to receive reminders on homework and assignments that will be due soon. It can be used by teachers and students to send messages about from assignment reminders and upcoming exams to last minute room changes or words of encouragement.

    The past week I worked with This is an online tool that allows the user to create InfoGraphics. InfoGraphics are visual representations of data. I created an InfoGraphic on the Design Cycle. The benefit of a tool like is that it gives me a way to create a visual to help explain my information. I can use this tool in several of my other classes including science,language arts and IT. Companies could use this tool to represent the information on their company to others. For example, they could use this to show the number of employees that they have that are female or male and certain age groups.


    Tackk is a free service that you can use to quickly create simple webpages. Using Tackk you can create a page to announce an important event, to advertise an event, or to show off your best digital works. This can work for me at school because it gives me the opportunity to showcase my work.

    The Design Cycle
    "The IT Way"

    The steps to the design cycle are:

    Inquiring and Analyzing:

    i. Explain and justify the need for a solution

    ii. Identify the primary and secondary

    iii. Analyse a range of existing products

    iv. Develop a detailed design brief

    Developing ideas:

    i. Develop a design specification

    ii. Develop a range of feasible design ideas

    iii. Present the final chosen design and justify its selection

    iv. Develop accurate and detailed planning drawings/diagrams

    Creating the solution:

    i. Construct a logical plan

    ii. Demonstrate excellent technical skills when making the solution

    iii. Follow the plan to create the solution, which functions as intended

    iv. Fully justify changes made to the chosen design and plan when making the solution

    v. Present the solution as a whole, either: a. in electronic form, or

    b. Through photographs of the solution from different angles, showing details.


    i. Design detailed and relevant testing methods, which generate data, to measure the success of the solution

    ii. Critically evaluate the success of the solution against the design specification

    iii. Explain how the solution could be improved

    iv. Explain the impact of the solution on the client/target audience.  

    Inquiring and Analyzing

    Developing Ideas

    Creating The Solution


    Design Cycle Example

    Example: My car won’t start

    Inquiring And Analyzing

    Explain and justify the need for a solution (what’s the problem and why does it need fixing?)  Answer:The problem is that my car wont start, it needs fixing because the car wont start there is probably a engine failure or a starter issue and I need the car for transportation to get to work or school.

    Identify and prioritize primary and secondary (where am I going to find information? Be specific)  Answer:I can find the information from a mechanic, a friend, a auto parts store like (advance auto parts or pep boys), Search online, Go to the car brand official Dealer.

    Analyze a range of existing products that inspire a solution to the problem (what’s out there that could fix this problem?) Answer:Buy a used or new car, Go to a auto shop to repair the car, Go to the auto junkyard and find parts for the car in good conditions.

    Develop a detailed design brief (write a summary of your research; what did you find?) Answer: I found that the car might have a dead battery, Bad Starter Connection, Or a bad ignition switch.  

    Developing ideas

    Develop a design specification (what are the requirements for the solution to be successful?) Answer: Some requirements are that the car runs and starts perfectly to get to my destination every day, Make sure that the parts are in good condition, And that there is ac on the car, Buy a new or used car that is in good condition. Make sure that the mechanic has experience. And that the auto shop that you are going to fix your car has modern technology.

    Develop a range of ideas that are feasible (Come up with ideas that are realistic that others will understand) Answer:That the car runs perfectly and starts to get to my destination. Make sure the mechanic has years of experience. Buy a new or used car that's in good condition and there is ac on the car.

    Present a final chosen design and justify its selection (Which idea did you select and justify why.) Answer: I would choose the idea that the car works and that the mechanic has years of experience to make sure that the problem is correct and its fixed.

    Develop accurate planning/drawings and outline the requirements (What is it going to look like and what are the requirements it will fulfill?) Answer:The car will be able to start and run perfectly, And if I buy a used car make sure that the ac is working, and that the seats are clean not dirty.

    Creating the solution

    Construct a plan (determine the time and resources to create the solution) Answer:Call the Tow Truck Service (AAA) about 5 minutes, Get to the local auto shop (20 or 30 minutes) depends on the traffic, Get the car checked (10 minutes), Talk with the mechanic about what's wrong with the car and the price (6 minutes), Get the car fixed (1.5 Hours or More), Pay And give thanks to the mechanic (15 minutes)  

    Demonstrate excellent technical skills (do your best work) Answer: A Certified Mechanic, a auto shop with modern tools that can help my car to be fixed, have the car parts in good condition because i will not waste my money for a car parts that does not work.

    Follow plan (look at the plan and follow the plan) Answer: 1st call the tow truck to come to pickup my car, Get to the local auto shop, Get the car checked, talk with the mechanic about whats wrong with the car and the price, Get the car fixed, Pay and give thanks to the mechanic.

    Justify any changes to the plan (if you make changes to the plan, justify why you changed it) Answer: There is no changes to the plan.

    Present the solution (either electronic form or through photographs showing different angles.) Answer: The solution is that the car will work and run with no problems and the car can take me to my job,school or etc.


    Design relevant testing methods which generates data and measure success of solution (create a test to see if your product solution is a good solution.) Answer: To make sure that the car runs perfectly i got to first test drive the car to see that the service i got was done good.

    Evaluate success of solution against design specifications (did your solution meet all the requirements, was your client happy with the solution, did it save money or increase productivity?) Answer: The solution met all requirements, it did save money because i did not have to buy a new or used car.

    Explain how it could be improved (Always reflect and see if you had to do it again what would you do differently?) Answer: If i had to do it again i wouldn't change nothing or do nothing differently  

    Explain the impact of the solution on the audience/client (How did the solution impact your client or target audience?) Answer: The solution impacted me because now i can use my car to take me to my daily destinations, and i didn't have to buy a new or used car i stayed with my car.

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