Koryo Dynasty

Koryo Dynasty- The peninsula hanging off East Asia was a bridge for crossing to China or Japan for the Chinese and Japanese. I was also a place for invasion by the two. This land was know was Korea. Once the Silla Kingdom fell in 935, the Koryo which lasted to 1392. Koryo adopted the civil service examination system from China. They adopted many things from China, but wanted to be their own country, and didn't want to be compared to China. Korean society was divided between the powerful and the ones who weren't; their was not in-between. They had created celadon pottery which was covered in blue-green glaze. They also did woodblock printing of buddhist texts. Their were over 80,000! The Mongols of China invaded Korea in the 1200s. Koreans were enslaved by the Chinese. In 1392 a Korean general founded a new empire. That was the end of the Koryo.

Celadon pottery