French Newsletter
(Bon anniversaire, Maria!)

The next Table française is Tuesday, September 30th 7:30-8:30pm in Duke 307. Venez parler français avec nous!

Shutters in Chabeuil (J. Starmer)

For help with French pronunciation read this article about the liaison:

Who doesn't like to eat?  This image shows seasonal vegetables:

Need to express your emotions in French?

Even if you're not a cat lover, you may find this list of expressions with "chat" entertaining!

Check out the new 10 euro bill!

Want more listening practice? These podcasts include transcripts:

Just in case you are one of the few people who haven't had enough of "Let it go" from Frozen, here's the French version:

This is a great list of French idioms:

Did you know that jeans have a French connection? Read about the history of jeans:

View the architecture of Paris with Archi'llusion--this very cool video shows you what Paris buildings look like without their upper floors!

Art lovers--you may be interested in these Paris Match photos of French artists (or artists who worked in France) in their studios:

Last, but not least, what if the Simpsons were French?  

New name submissions for the newsletter are still Janet!