Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying

The what-to-know and what-to-do guide to internet safety!

What is the internet, anyway? Your first step to understanding is watching this video.....

Now that you learned everything you need to know about the internet in the mindset of 1994, let's get some facts from January 2015 on internet usage.

With those facts in mind, it's important to understand the importance of internet safety. Take a look at this PSA. What's PSA stand for you say? Public Service Announcement. It is a way of getting a point across to a wide range audiences.

With the world being connected it is important to understand that everyone is not your "friend". Let's watch another PSA on cyber bullying.

So what can we do to protect ourselves? STOP. THINK. CONNECT has some great tips for us to follow.

Lastly, we can use these Internet Safety Rules to be on our way to safer internet use!

Now it's your turn to let help the world know the importance of Internet Safety - - -

Step 1: Research the topic of internet safety and cyber bullying

Step 2: With new information, work with a group of 2-4 students creating a presentation. In the presentation you will also be creating your own internet safety rules.

Step 3: The presentation will be a 3-5 minute video created using flip cams and edited in iMovie.

Step 4: The group can use any and all information learned from research to create a long PSA that can inform anyone on internet safety and cyber bullying