"If we cannot now end our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity."

John F. Kennedy.

Equality For Everyone

I believe in the feelings of others

the fun in life,

the beautiful landscapes of our earth,

the power of friendship,

the strength of love in everyone,

equal rights, freedom ,and happiness of every man and women,

But I don’t believe that one man has more power over one another.

I believe that we are all loved,

I believe that we are all cared for,

I believe that we are all equally important,

equally powerful, equally strong, equally beautiful,

And I believe in never giving up in yourself no matter how rough life gets.

My Personal Credo

           My credo describes my beliefs completely. My credo is all about freedom and equality in every man, woman and child, it’s all about equal opportunities in everyone. I want to show people, that everyone is the same, despite common belief. I also want to show everyone deserves at least a chance in life.

          For the most part I’ve always viewed people either if you’re black, white, tall, short, fat, skinny, quiet, loud, rich or poor, we all were created equal. My family has always seen life as same as me. I see my family as a huge, diverse bag of trail mix, every one is different in their special way. My family consist of different races and different religions. I’ve lived my life with them and this is how I know everyone is equal. My credo is trying to teach a lesson to people.

          For example I feel like if people didn’t judge books by it’s cover we would have world peace, and the world would just be a better place. These beliefs are important to me because I know everybody is the same on the inside. I know this because I’ve lived with this different family and I can see through their eyes.

          I strongly believe I will not change my mind about my views on life. I’m stuck with my family and I’m perfectly fine with this, but you can’t be judgmental. Being with my family my whole life motivated me enough to believe in equality and true love. I don’t think age could change someones thoughts about this topic.

          Therefore I would like for everyone to realize what I believe. I think if everyone just took the time to think about it. I realize everyone if different, different personality, different looks, and different views, but these are good differences. The whole world would benefit, no wars, no fights, no discrimination, no bullying, no racism, no bias. The world would be a better and safer place for everyone.

By David Westbrook

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