Agents of Socialization

Amanda Sorrell


I was born into big, southern family. Having older siblings has a been huge agent of socialization for me because I learned everything I know by watching them grow up. I get to learn from their mistakes and successes as well as my own. My parents allowed me to have a lot of freedom and independence and as a result we have a very good relationship. We lived in an extremely small town in the middle of nowhere so as a result my family spent a lot of time together. My siblings being homeschooled meant that I got to see them learn and as a result I WANTED to learn and education was very important in my family. We are very close and there is no fighting or yelling in our house because we know how to co-exist. Having pets taught me from a very young age how to care for another being and responsibility. I grew up going to church and church programs which have kept me grounded and helped me to make smart decisions. My parents are very into music and growing up there was always music playing in the house and car. I learned to sing from a very young age and haven't stopped since. When I was 7 my mom bought me a guitar and taught me how to play. Learning how to play was very difficult and taught me a lot of lessons about perseverance.  Now that my siblings have moved out and away from me and I do not live near any extended family, my best friends family continues to socialize me. Katie has a lot of younger cousins so at family gatherings I get to keep that huge family vibe, but with younger kids so it is a different atmosphere then I grew up in.


My socialization by friends started with my best friend Cori who lived down the street. I had my first sleep over with her and learned like how to interact with girls. In 3rd grade I moved to Ohio and met Katie Conklin. She has been a huge part of my socialization because before I met her I struggled with making friends. Katie has influenced my fashion sense and my interactions with others. I love her a lot and would do anything for her, so I learned what it takes to maintain a long lasting relationship. I have always been a part of Girl Scouts and over the years they have become like a second family to me and being a part of it has taught me leadership and how to form bonds with others. Being on the lacrosse team I have learned how to communicate and cooperate with others. Playing on a team requires a lot of patience and understanding of others.


My socialization has been impacted over the years by different medias. When I was kid a watched a lot of PBS kids including Cyber Chase, Caillou and Dragon Tales. They taught many important skills in regards to working and interacting with others to problem solve. I also played a lot of computer games as a kid that were geared towards learning. Clue finders and Jump Start were two of my favorites, they made me associate fun with learning, which has later in life made me enjoy school. Through later elementary and middle school I loved watching Disney Channel. These shows came away from the learning and focused more on friendships and relationships with parents. I love to read and have learned a lot about the world from reading. Books allow me to experience situations that I have not encountered in my own life, but they give me perspective.


I would say time-management is a strong skill that I have because of school. I take two AP Classes and I am very involved in clubs so I have to find creative ways to make everything fit into a day. I play lacrosse and that has taught me a lot of important lessons about fortitude and perseverance. My coach is very big on the idea of giving every ounce of yourself while your on the field. If you aren't giving everything you have then you are letting the team down. For the past two years I have done Education Mentorship, a program where I get to student-teach at the elementary school for 45 minutes everyday. Through doing this I have developed good leadership skills which includes being responsible, humble and a good communicator. I think being able to interact well with children is good skill to have and I have learned that in doing this program. School teaches a lot about community and about how to make a home wherever you go.

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