by Sarah J. Maas

Taking place in a land without magic, a monarchy a king who rules with an iron fist. To win her freedom, an assain is brought to the castle despite her actual reason to come. The deal is if she defeats twenty-three criminals, and warriors in a competition...She will then be able to be realeased from the prison to serve as the king's champion. Celaena Sardothien would be free. But when something starts taking out her competitors one by one, her fight turns into a fight not just for her own survivial, but for her world.


Christy Stiger "lemonyello" "This series is amazing. A must read. Completely captivating, intense, and complex. Each book gets so much better from the last."

Meghan Dawson "This book had me from the very beginning. With a captivating plot, excilent world building, and great exposition peices, there wasn't a single page that made me bored. Sarah J Mass is one of the best writters I have ever encountered."

Elvera Wollor "I love this series. Originally I was trying to get the other Sarah Maas series, because the synopsis for this series didn't catch my fancy, however I just had a feeling that i should at least give this series a chance. I'm so glad I did.I like the writing, the pace, the characters, and the world that the book is set in. I've got to say that I now have a new favorite series and cant wait for the other ones."

The song "Summer" relates to the book Throne of Glass through the main character changing life styles completely, she remember's her past life, and how crazy her current life is. The son summer is talking abou how he met the person in the summer how things were different.

The song tough love relates to Throne of glass when Celaena loses her closest friend who was the only person she'd really opened up to. Left with nobody to turn to she blames herself for the death because she wasn't there. The mood of the song relates to mood of the book when Celaena is just absolutely devastated.

The song the above was chosen by the author for a playlist for the book. When Celaena fights to keep conscious when she'd been poisoned in the final tournament. However Celaena continues on, with the help of Nehemia. The song expresses the trouble she undergoes.

The song sky full of stars captures the moment of Celaena having a moment as she gazes out into the sky’s and loses herself in thought. The song’s lyrics are a sky full of stars, the mood of the night sky being endless as she stares at the horizon.

This song, a little too much expresses the moment where Celeana just can take it and runs away. The lyrics, “sometimes it gets a little t too much,” is how Celeana feels when   overwhelmed from everything. Even if Celeana does come back, it was a little too much.

I would give Throne of glass 3 and a half stars. Overall I liked the book, it was unpredictable which always is a big factor for me, like being baffled by a character's choice or fate. Just when you were so sure about something, an event flipped it around. The complex characters, not flat or stereotypes. The story line always seemed to keep you on edge, that's why i gave the book three and a half stars.

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