Attention Students!

We need YOUR help.

Do you have an interest in Crime Scene Investigation, Journalism, Criminal Law, Government, or Politics? If so then the Constitution Project is for YOU. There will be an informational meeting Tuesday, August 19th at 7:45 A.M. in Room 133 (Mr. Hauck's) for anyone interested in competing in the Constitution Project.

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17kes 3 years ago
Alyssa McPeak 3 years ago
Sami Crawford (+1) 3 years ago
Miranda Scantlin 3 years ago

My bus doesnt get to the school till 7:45 but as soon as i get to school ill head to the meeting.

Caitlyn Gorman 3 years ago
Victoria Stroup 3 years ago
? Kyler Dautenhahn 3 years ago

I'll have to see if my dad can get me here for the meeting.

? Gabrielle Foust 3 years ago

I have to talk to my Color Guard Instructor.

Haley 3 years ago

If you have any questions prior to the meeting, please use the form below to email Mr. Hauck or contact him at

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