Parts of a River
by: T.Smith

What is a watershed?

                   A watershed is a region draining into a large body of water from a high to low point of a mountain.

What is a source?

                    A source is the beginning of a river.

The Mississippi River Delta


                 A mouth/delta is an area formed from the deposition of sediment at the mouth of a river.

The Native American Netroots Great Basin

Great Basin

              A great basin is a watershed where the water does not flow to the ocean. If the water has no way to go to the ocean, it evaporates and salt is left behind. For example, The Great Salt Lake is a great basin.

What's a downriver

          A downriver is a part of a river between headwaters and a floodplain.

The divides separates land as well

What's a divide?

           A divide is the separation of large rivers. That means that large river becomes into its own smaller river.

What's a tributary

          A tributary is a stream or river which flows into a mainstream.

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