Your Chance To Learn From Other Entrepreneurs

This email is for serious entrepreneurs only, seriously.

This means you're either in the middle of creating a business or already in a business.
If you're just "THINKING" about creating a business, we'll see.
You can read STILL on.

Let's find out if you pass the test.

Have you heard of a Meeting of Entrepreneurs who discuss how to help each other, unselfishly?
That meeting is called an Entrepreneur Mastermind.
My version is called the "Inner Circle Mastermind" and it's going to meet on Thursday March 6,2014 1pm-5pm. (We're on our 3rd year),
In that meeting we go around the table and discuss how others in the group can help us.
And how we can help the other members of the Mastermind.

Previous guests of the Inner Circle Mastermind are:
Joyce Ann Burton Titular, Ronnie Siasoyco, Randy Manaloto, Jay McLean and Brother Bo Sanchez.

Last November 2013 I asked many people to apply for the Inner Circle Mastermind.
Lots of people took the challenge of filling up the extremely long questionnaire.
And I know because of that - they're much better people now.
Thing is, upon reading most of the answers - many people really didn't qualify.

So I'm putting up a new test.
The "Trial" commitment test.

You get only one chance at this test.
Here it is:
Free up your March 6, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, Thursday.
Commit to come on time for the Mastermind prepared with a BUSINESS PROBLEM you're already experiencing.

Please read that again.

Finally, pay for the non-refundable "Guest Fee". Details below: P4,000 only using the button below:

OR deposit your payment to any of the following accounts below:

BPI Savings Account/ 3216-3898-62 / Jose Mario R Hilario.
BDO Savings Account/ 00-8070002528 / Jose Mario R Hilario

Then fill up the details here:
Then email

My Inner Circle Mastermind Meets every month and the biggest privilege of a FULL MEMBER is the ability to attend ALL my events and webinars for free.
As a guest, you can only attend the Mastermind session for the month.
You're free to bring paying "guest" companions as you want. Pairs (two persons) come in at P 7,000 only:

Yes, this looks like an invitation to a Mastermind meeting.

It is!

A meeting that will enrich your mindset, heartset and skillset - plus the networking oppurtunities, too!
But it's also a TEST.

Are you really qualified?
After you attend, we'll evaluate your participation.
If you get invited again- you may participate as a FULL paying member.
If not, then maybe this Mastermind may not be for you.
But it's up to YOU if that's the case.

Now for entrep stuff:
1. Watch out and install Facebook's new Paper App. See - this will impact the way people see FB -- and the way you'll market in MOBILE platforms.
2. If you didn't catch last email's Dan Kennedy link, here it is:
3. A way to make money sa internet is "buying domains". This week, brand new domains like .guru (dati .com lang) are for sale. Domainers (people who make money buying and selling domains) will be doing a buying spree this month) - you may want to buy your own name NOW. sells them.
4. I'm doing a big 90 short videos project. Ask me why I'm doing it? TO DOMINATE THE INDUSTRY. You want to know how to do this, too? Reply with "YES, I WANNA DOMINATE TOO". See the first high quality videos here:
5. Kung Hei Fat Choy!

Now live a marvellous life,
Jomar Hilario

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