what do you need to be a Game designer.

First you need to be social to work with your other team mates to help you understand or give you good ideas. secondly is being imaginative and creative so your game is fun and interesting to play. Thirdly you need to have a basic visual design or drawing skills. Next you need to have programming skills at least at a scripting level. Also have story telling and narrative development skills. After that is being able to think systematically and think strategically. And another help to is to be skilled at information designing and interface design. The final information you are required to know is to have the knowledge of requirements of relevant health and safety legislation and procedures.PART 2. The salary of being a game designer is 35,409 to 91,115 every year a bonus is 0.00 to 14,191. What does a game designer do? Game designers what a game consists of and how to play it.Also they plan out and define all the elements of a game its setting:rules:story line:objects:drops:Design:animation:modes of the game:interface.PART 3 Game designers should understand how to use different hardware or programs to know how to create or find different ways to make there game .programmers, artists, project managers, writers, musicians will all be needed.