What forces motivate the characters?

BY: Bibek Gurung

In Oedipus Rex, Oedipus's main motivation is to find the truth and in doing so caused him to make the prophecy become true.

Jocasta's knowledge motivated her to be with Oedipus longer and to hide the truth from him. Also knowing that Oedipus was her son led her to her death.

In "SCARS" the force that motivated the author to think that his dads scars were cool was his age and he matured he lost interest in them.

In the series Walking Dead a man and his group is motivated not just to protect their families and find shelter but to survive every single day as well.

In the series "Biggest Loser" everyday people and kids are driven by their family and the desire of fitting in. Not having to be ashamed of their bodies and helping themselves not be a target for heart failures.

In the movie "Warrior" Both brothers Brendan and Tommy are motivated by money not for greed, but to support family and friends. Brendan who is motivated to keep his house for his wife and two daughters. While Tommy is being driven to help a wife of a close friend who lost his life fighting to protect his country alongside Tommy.

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