Week 1 of New Media in Faith Education

I am on a journey of faith and filled with expectations. My life has taught me to be expectant for things to happen. God is the active agent in events.

I sense my call as an early one, placing at around 5 years of age. That pastor left an impression on me that has lasted over 50 years. I still sense that another pastor had influence on my steps. He was a bit of a heavy in learning my Small Catechism, for that I am grateful. Even so, like a "good Jonah" I took a hike because, like Jeremiah, I felt that I was not capable of or qualified for such a task. I lost interest in the church because all I could see were hypocrits and imperfects. I now see that I was only understanding the tip of the iceberg. God uses the imperfects (like me) in doing his work. God would not give up on me even if I gave up on the Church. God kept connected with me through memory and individuals. I do not know how else I could have come around to the revelation that I needed to be doing what I am now doing. There were times I felt the pull and time (even now) that I wonder what I am doing. But I continued and continue to press forward. Even when it seemed like the journey was at an end or I had misunderstood God's call. God kept giving me assurance, stamina, hope and committment to the task and identity of pastor. Through individuals who encouraged me (whether they knew it or not), from events and occurrences, and by God's Spirit I am called forward into mission and to serve God's people in many and various ways. Thanks be to God!

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