chapter 1

what is a business?

a business is a profession a trade or  a occupation

what is a consumer?

a person who purchases goods and services for personal use they are called the consumers.

what is a supplier?

a business owner who supplies things to shop owners  products witch then goes of to a person who the uses it or consumes it.

what is a customer?

it is a prson who goes to buy something at a shop in there local area for his or hers personal use or they consume it if its eatable.

chapter 2

what is market research?

the action or activity of gathering information about consumers' needs and preferences.

what is a primary research?

primary research is where you go and collect data either using data or doing surveys around an area.

what is secondary research?

secondary research can be done on the interenet.

what is market mapping? I think it is is a comprehensive industry specific candidate sourcing process. It identifies the 'hot spots' of in-demand skillsets and tracks candidate movements in the UK staffing market.

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