Heroes and Hurricanes

James Richter 9/4/13 2nd period

       Ariel Creamer, Deamonte Love, and Matt Carrigan all were heroes during and after a hurricane. Ariel Creamer helped people get their lives back after Hurricane Sandy. She made a facebook page called "survivors silver lining." Deamonte Love at only 6 years old, helped rescue his siblings and some other kids all who were only babies. Deamonte had gotten sent away by his mother so that he could get food at a shelter. After Deamonte and the babies arrived at the shelter to help young people, his mother found out he was alive and they all got to meet up again. Matt Carrigan's story took place during Hurricane Sandy. He was only 17. Matt and his family had to get to a neighbor's house so that they would be on higher ground. On the way, Matt saw an elderly woman and her dogs in the water. Matt swam over and helped the woman and came back to save her dogs. To conclude, all 3 of these people saved people during or after a hurricane, although they were all under 18. Ariel, unlike Matt and Deamonte, used facebook to help people. And unlike Ariel and Deamonte, Matt's story took place during the hurricane. And unlike Matt and Ariel, Deamonte wasn't with his family. All 3 of these people were heroes, but they all saved people in different ways.

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