my visual display

what forces motivate the character?

in " Oedipus The King" Oedipus leaves thebes, to find his parents. he does this because the sheppard tells him that he was adopted. this frightens Oedipus because now he knows that he could have killed his father.

when Jocasta heres that Oedipus is leaving, she freaks out and kills herself. wen Oedipus comes home and sees that she has hung herself, he stabs his eyes out. so seeing her dead caused; or motivated him to stab his eyes out.

in the poem "Scars" the father is motivated to drink alcohol. in it not clear why he does in the poem, but drinking so much eventually killed him, do to liver damage, which is in a way funny, because he had gotten hurt so many times before.

my 3 digital media examples:

in the movie "Tangled" Rapunzel is motivated to leave the tower to see the floating lights. Flynn is motivated to help Rapunzel, because she has his stolen crown, and she said that she wouldn't give it back, unless he took her to see the lights.

in the movie " Aquamarine" the Claire and Haily help Aqua fall in love, because she tells them that they will get a wish if they help her out. the also help her because they want to wish that Haily didn't have to move to Australia.

in the song "Before he cheats" by Carrie Underwood, she sings that she slashed her ex's tires, and carved her name into his seat. she does this because she found out hat he cheated on her. So she does these things becuase she was so mad, and she wanted him to learn a lesson.

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